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In the following we will go into a little more detail about the course of the game, as this differs from conventional poker.

Since you are playing on a slot machine in online video poker, you must first set a basic stake. This can of course vary between the different online casinos with their respective online video poker machines. By pressing the “Deal” button, the cards are shuffled and you are now shown 5 cards. You then have the option to exchange your cards. By pressing the “Hold” or “Hold” button, you can determine which cards should not be exchanged. After the cards have been renewed, the winnings are calculated using your card combination. Then a new round begins, in which you can redefine your stake.

The winnings in relation to the different video poker variants can be found in the overview of the respective online casino.

As already mentioned, Jacks or Better is one of the most popular versions of video poker. As soon as you have a pair of jacks or better in your hand, you get your stake back at Jacks or Better.

With Tens or Better you get your stake back if you have two tens or better in hand. It should be noted, however, that the winnings for better hands are lower compared to Jacks or Better.

Wildcards occur in the case of Deuces Wild. These are embodied by the twos (deuces). If you have a two in your hand, it can take any card value. This gives you the opportunity to get 5 identical card values ​​(Five of a Kind). The wildcards significantly increase your chances of winning, and for this reason the payout rates are limited. With three of a kind you get your basic stake back for the current game.

In Joker Poker, two additional Joker cards appear. These are used to form card combinations. You will get your stake back if you have two kings or better or two pairs. As you can easily see, the chances of winning are worse than z. B. Jacks or Better.

The casinos also have the option to change the rules of the game and the risk game. For example, some video poker games give you the option of wagering a portion rather than the whole amount. That is called double-half. So be attentive and read the rules of the game carefully.

There are numerous variations of video poker in the world and also in our free online casino portal. They differ according to:

As you have already read, Video Poker Casino does not have as old a history as for example craps or even baccarat. But as time went on, video poker became so popular that it is now one of the random free casino games. Among the players in Germany, video poker is on the list of favorite games. On our free gaming platform we offer numerous variants of video poker, with different payouts, stakes and different software. In order to really understand the game and notice the details, try each video poker game and perhaps find a variation that suits you best. Our experts have selected only the best video poker games for you so that you have a lot of fun and earn a lot of real money in online casinos.

You will also find a variety of online video poker that you can play at many online casinos.

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