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Jawfish Games, a social gaming company, launched the real-time, multiplayer new tournament service that will work on all platforms. However, players can compete against friends and even iOS, android and foreigners on the web. The service will start with the two best games of the company: Jawfish Poker and Jawfish Words.

Jawfish Games, who owns the best consumer 2.0 reward from the last Launch Festival, you want to make it much more competitive to play online games. The company’s platform and the two games supporting him were the first time the conference.

Starting from Jawfish Poker, in the tournament mode, players will play against each other in a virtual room as you expected watching the World Series of Poker.

In addition, Jawfish Words can also be used to play in a game that players will be more competitive: Word Search. The company says that players can compete to realize one of three targets. The game was present in Amazon Kindle with the private partnership with Jawfish Games with Amazon. Next month, the game will come to Facebook as well as the game iOS and Android devices.

Jawfish Games bills the platform can be scaled, produced for mobile devices, support tournaments, but also in the iOS devices, but also on Facebook.

It was definitely the games that allow users to play against each other like words or Candy Crush Saga, but Jawfish Games are developing this model and carrying the spirit of competition to social game. The company is currently unfortunate that the two games that support this model are unfortunate, but CEO Phil Gordon says that more real-time offers appear at a bump rate in our studios “.

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