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Imagine a place where every detail from A to Z is perfectly designed, cheerful children’s voices mingle with each other and where you meet smiling eyes in every direction you turn your head. Here in this place, after a few weeks you and your children will never forget &

Purim activity, which has been taking place in Ulus Private Jewish Schools for four years, has turned into a fair created by community institutions working together for two years. This activity, which is prepared for learning while having fun by increasing Purim awareness, requires intensive preparation. Our conversation with UÖMO Home Manager Ceni Kanditan, Executive Assistant Yelda Penso and DYD Young Ladies President Jizel Bahar begins with their sharing with us the birth and development process of the Purim Fair.

Ceni Kanditan: A long time ago, we decided to hold a children’s fair in our kindergarten section on April 23 to introduce our school to the members of the congregation. This continued for several years. With the increase in the number of participants, we thought of organizing this entertainment in Passover and later in Purim, which was a joyful holiday. We have been continuing this for four years with an intense participation. First of all, our aim is to entertain children and to instill in them the awareness of the holiday and to make them learn something during these joyful hours. We see that we have achieved great success in this with the increasing number of children every year.

C.K .: We work in good cooperation with DYD and YSK youth commissions and exchange ideas. When the dynamism of the youth, the experiences of the mothers, the knowledge and education of the school staff are combined, an incredible power emerges. In this context, we have seen how efficient it is to produce together for the same purpose, and this year a decision was made: DYD and YSK decided not to organize a separate party, and they will share all their strengths and ideas with us here. First of all, meetings are held for weeks to form the general lines of this event, a plan is drawn up, ideas are discussed, games and materials are decided. Trying to find a sponsor. In fact, the most challenging part of the job is taking place at this time. But nothing distracts us.

Yelda Penso: Although we aim to create a different concept every year, we tend to play cheerful games because Purim’s main meaning is entertainment. First of all, as a feature of the holiday, pictures of all children who will come in various clothes will be taken at the entrance and will be presented as a souvenir to them at the end of the day. We did this last year and it was very popular. Also this year we decided to embroider the Purim theme everywhere. We paid great attention to this in our personal activities, collective games and the shows we were going to do. For example, different from other years, YSK youth will make a Purim cartoon. On the day when many different venues will be used, various desk activities, competitions, games, dances, and film shows will be held with their children. After a nice lunch, there will be a dance presentation prepared by the young people. Then we will go to the last section where the children are bid farewell with gifts. Of course, besides all these, we will also have a few surprises. Get ready.

C.K .: From our past experiences, we have seen that even if we set a certain age limit, babies on the lap, brothers and sisters who want to see their siblings, grandparents who want to share this day with their grandchildren also participate in the event and enjoy it. Therefore, although an activity between the ages of 3 – 7 is considered, our doors will be open to everyone that day. For example, 180 children attended last year. With their families, this number exceeded 400. We are sure that the number will increase this year. Since our age range is quite small, a volunteer team of 60 ᇚ people will be assigned that day, consisting of young people, mothers and school teachers. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the job is that it works with great devotion and with everyone’s heart.

At school, children are informed about Purim and various activities are organized. But do they still want to come to this fair?

Y.P .: Of course. This is part of the training. The information we give them at school, the stories we read, the songs we sang remain in their memories and all of them are reinforced on the fair day. They also come very eagerly and consciously when we tell them there will be a party. They behave very comfortably as it is a place they knew before. They can even motivate their friends. That day; It turns into a carnival with its clothes, decorations and variety of games. When this is the case, every year the children are looking forward to this fair with great impatience.

Jizel Bahar: Last year, I worked at the fair as an officer. My son also participated and enjoyed it very much. He had fun and learned many beautiful and different things about Purim. She dreams of the outfit she will wear this year and looks forward to that day. With the foundation he gets from the school, he attends the fair very comfortably, consciously and with pleasure. Four and a half years old

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