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In the fourth article of the contract, it is stipulated that the officers and servants who will work in the hotels and nightclubs during the use of the palace are also Turkish, but the general manager is foreign.

Finally, after long negotiations and negotiations, Yıldız Palace and its outbuilding, where Sultan Abdülhamid II Han ruled the state for 30 years as a center of caliphate and reign, was given to an Italian named Mario Serra on 8 August 1926 to build a casino, entertainment place and casino.

While Yıldız Palace was being operated as a casino and casino, it started to attract the public’s reaction and some members of the parliament gave a parliamentary question to the Turkish Grand National Assembly in the face of this situation. On 27 November 1926, in his parliamentary question (in his question) submitted by Sinop MP Recep Zühdi Bey to the Ministry of Internal Affairs verbally, “What kind of measures were taken by the government to eliminate the harmful effects of the Yıldız casino on the public” were asked. As far as it is understood from this declaration, Yıldız Palace Casino made not only the people of Istanbul but also the Anatolian merchants devastated, leaving those who had money in their pocket miserable.

Zühdü sprinklers were as follows Bey’s memorandum: “Grand National Assembly of Turkey Prime Ministry to preside over the Galilee. Star Casino, Turkey has taken a terrible disaster and a vortex state for capital and economical situation of. The rumors and revolutions revolving around the form and composition of this establishment are also the cause of the government’s immediate action to extinguish this dirty hearth as soon as possible. There will not be a single joyful stove left in Istanbul before a year passes. Some producers who travel from Anatolia to Istanbul also invest the output of their one-year production here and return to their work miserably. Consequently, I would like to request a verbal explanation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to explain why the urgent action he considers against this institution, which is also in violation of existing laws, consists of. 25 Teşrin-i sani 1926. Sinop MP, Receb Zühdi “

In the casino, which was full of rich customers brought from Europe, the high society of Istanbul was drinking and gambling until the morning every night. The operation of Yıldız Palace as a casino and casino continued for a year from August 1926 to September 1927, after which the state canceled the contract after public pressure and an officer who entered the casino committed suicide at the casino door.

During the cancellation of this contract, some bank owners and managers who had shares in the casino were notified. One of the shareholders to whom these notifications were sent was Hidiv Bank Manager Şaban Bey. Saban Bey went to Ankara not to close the casino and tried to persuade the government. But he was given a negative answer from Ankara.

The intention of the Italian casino and casino operator Mario Serra was to transform the entire Yıldız Palace into a complex consisting of a casino, casino, dance halls, tennis court, golf club and riding fields, and then to open the Çırağan Palace into operation in the same way. However, the reaction of the public, the questions of the parliamentarians in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and finally the suicide of a Turkish officer who wanted to enter the casino but was not allowed in at the casino door turned things around and the right to operate the casino was taken from the company and closed. The company initially took the state to court, but lost the court. Thus, Yıldız Palace was saved from continuing as a casino and a casino.

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