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The magnificent universe in which we live in is a very interesting environment from their galaxies to the winds, their flowers, their flowers, their birds. Moving from all these assets in the universe and formations, it is a method used to evaluate a conscious creative that creates them. With the rise of the materialist ateism, this evidence was invalid, the view that the universe has found that the occurrence of the coincidence has found it very fans and lost its old popularity. However, the scientific developments of the last forty-fifty years have caused this evidence to revive the latest data of the science.

It used to be a fairly common form of narrative to establishing the similarity between the universe and its creation of the universe and its creative. In particular, the analogy we mentioned with the recent developments, mathematical narrative methods based on the probability account has gained prevalence. This approach and the newly obtained data led to further enrichment of defended “design evidence” throughout the date. The evidence I mean with the “design evidence” is in fact the same as teleological evidence, with desvoded layout and governing evidence. Examination of this evidence with different names; Some of the time in the universe, some time, took a forefront of how to go to go to the man and other creatures in a suitable manner of the universe. Because of all these approaches, it is understood that the universe is designed by a conscious power, the design in the universe is carried out by a superior body and the universe is not the work of coincidives. The creation of different stages in the universe in such a way that living things are formed (telecatology); the perfect functioning order of the stars, atom-six particles, the world’s and live bodies; All formations in the universe are realized as to and take place of living life and the fact that it takes place. So the title of this section of the book; Leaving layout evidence can be seen as teleological evidence that wishes, dying goal evidence, wishing, widely used in the West.

Big Bang Theory has shown that the universe has made a very intense and very hot singularity, continuously expanding the universe and all formations from the atom-six worlds to the first, second and third term stars from the atom-six worlds at different stages in this expansion. Very critical values ​​have been selected at all stages of the universe. The presence of the universe is also the presence of galaxies, the presence of living things also depends on these critical values. All critical values ​​you will see on the list you will read on the progressive pages show that all stages of the universe are consciously created. It is seen, “God where in the universe?” The answer to the question is “God is available at every stage of the universe”. Each stage of the universe is specially designed, which shows that God is active at every stage of the universe.

It is wrong to make God, an hour and make it a master that leaves him into their own. After once the clock is done, they always repeat the same movement. However, the Big Bang has shown that the universe has no single memories equivalent to each other, the universe varies continuously and every stage of the universe is different.

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