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Adds a new set of API allowing meat to change the applications. If the ASP.NET application is not sufficient, developers can now change one of the following three components:

Object cache tank. By using the new cache providers configuration section, the developers can install new applications of the object cache for an ASP.NET application using the new ICACTOREPRVider interface.

Memory tracking. The default memory viewer in ASP.NET reports that the applications are running close to the private byte limit for the operation or decreasing on the total available physical ram of the machine. Near these limits, notifications are triggered. For some applications, notifications are mobilized to the limits configured to allow useful re-actions. Developers can now write their own memory viewers to change the default value using the feature of the ApplicationMonitors.MemoryMonitor.

Memory limit re-actions. By default, ASP.NET tries to crop the object cache and the GC.Collect regularly performs calls near the private byte process limit. In some embodiments, the call frequency is GC.Collect or the cropped cache amount is inefficient. Developers can now change or complete the default behavior in subscribing to the memory viewer of the application of the application.

From the WCF, the .NET Framework 4.7, it allows you to configure TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 in addition to SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 as the default message security protocol. This is an acceptance setting; To enable, you must add the following entry to your application configuration file:

WCF contains a number of code changes that eliminate racing conditions, thus improves the reliability of performance and serialization options. These:

High DPI and dynamic DPI support for Windows Forms applications starting with applications targeting .NET Framework 4.7 .NET FRAMEWORK. High DPI support improves the layout and appearance of forms and controls in high DPI viewers. Dynamic DPI changes the settlement and view of the forms and controls when the user changes DPI and displays the appearance of an application’s scale factor.

High DPI support is a participation property that you have configured by defining a partition in your application configuration file . For more information on adding high DPI support and dynamic DPI support to your Windows Forms application. Windows Forms High DPI support.

You are now your option to use a touch / stilus stack based on WM_POINTER messages instead of Windows Ink Services Platform (WISS). This is a .NET Framework Participation property. See the Application Compatibility section for more information.

Data Additional Description The verifiers allow you to perform verification by adding one or more attributes to a classroom feature. The element of the attribute defines the text of the error message if ValidationTribute.ErrorMessage is unsuccessful. Starting with the .NET Framework 4.6.2, it makes it easy to localize ASP.NET error messages. Error messages will be localized in these cases:

The name of the localized resources file is DataAnnotation.Localization. {Name} .Resx, name LanguageCode – Country / RegionCode or LanguageCode format has a culture name, has the form name.

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